Dead to Rights

Dead to Rights was the very first game of it's kind. This was very first game in the entire Dead to Rights Series


Chapter 1Edit

Honest cop Jack Slate gets a "shots fired" call and heads to a construction site. There he battles his way through the site with the help of his trusty K9 partner Shadow, killing many enemies and finally finding the source of the call. To his shock its his father, Frank, murdered. Jack is determined to find his father's killer and get revenge despite police chief Hennessey trying to keep him off the case. Finally, Hennessey points out that his father has only one enemy, Augie Blatz. Jack decides to go after Blatz for answers and revenge despite Hennessey's warnings not to do anything stupid.

Chapter 2Edit

Jack goes after Augie Blatz at the Den of Iniquity, a popular nightclub for criminals. Blatz is a major crime lord in the Grant City underworld though he hides it by giving money to charitable organizations. However that money comes from drugs and racketeering and Frank Slate knew it so Jack believes that Augie killed him to keep him quiet about it. With the help of Hildy, Frank's assistant turned stripper, Jack sneaks past the bouncers to the dance floor which he clears with the fire alarm. He then has to battle several goons including one named Boris hand-to-hand, getting a gun after Boris is dead. More armed goons then storm the room and Jack has to take them all out and a guy named Dimitri to get an elevator pass key to continue after Blatz. After battling through more of Blatz's goons upstairs, Jack finally confronts Blatz who is not upset at all to hear of Frank's death but claims innocence before rushing off and leaving his men to kill Jack. Jack fights his way out of the club and chases Blatz down a street through more goons to the Bay Bell apartment building.

After clearing the lobby, Jack heads upstairs to Blatz's apartment where he finally confronts the crook. To his shock, Blatz is tied to a chair and Jack is non-fatally shot by an assassin named Patch. Patch then kills Blatz with Jack's gun and makes it look like he murdered Blatz, telling his boss on the phone that its done. Patch only didn't kill Jack on his boss' orders but informs him that Augie Blatz did not kill his father before he passes out.

Chapter 3Edit

Jack has been in prison for seven months awaiting his execution for the murder of Augie Blatz. A friend of his father's, Preacherman Jones arrives and tells him that a prisoner named Tattoo has an escape map and is planning a break when Jack is executed and that another prisoner named Wireboy claims he can stop the electric chair, Old Sparky. Jack, wanting to break out and continue his quest for revenge, decides to head to the Workshop and find Wireboy. After fighting his way out of Cellblock A, Jack finds the Workshop where he fights more prisoners and gains access to Wireboy. Wireboy reveals that battery acid on the electric chair's conduits will knock out the whole power grid for hours and while he has it, Jack needs to get him 25 cigarette packs as payment. Jack first heads to the gym where he wins a boxing match, hitting a bag more than 150 times and weight lifting to get 3 packs. Upon leaving, he is approached by a prisoner named Timmy who offers him another pack if he beats up Mad Dog in Cellblock B to save him from a beating. Jack agrees and heads to Cellblock B, fighting his way in. Jack fights several prisoners before facing Mad Dog, eventually beating him too. He gets 6 more packs, including one from a grateful Timmy and then heads to Cellblock C to find Big Arm Tony to arm wrestle. In Cellblock C, Jack beats up the prisoners and gets 6 more packs then arm wrestles Big Arm Tony. Winning the match, Jack gets another pack and is asked by a guard to retrieve a photo of his girlfriend from Cellblock D in exchange for yet another pack. Agreeing, Jack fights his way in and after dispatching all the inmates in the cellblock, finds the photo. Jack then has to fight the inmate who stole it, Mac and wins, getting all but the last pack he needs. After dropping off the photo to the guard, Jack gets the last pack and then heads to the Workshop. Wireboy gives him the battery acid and Jack heads to the showers to get Tattoo's escape map. On the way, Jack hears Shadow yelp and beats up sadistic guard Sickle to keep him from harming Shadow. In the showers, Tattoo refuses to let Jack see his map and Jack has to beat it out of him. Jack then returns to his cell and does an interview with reporter Kip Waterman to avoid Sickle. Afterwards, Jack examines the map to find that it traces a path through the shower drains and underground sewers out.

At his execution, Preacherman Jones, pretending to be blessing Jack, slips him a razor to cut the straps of the electric chair and then throws the battery acid on the conduits while pretending to throw Holy Water at it. Jack promises to return for him if he succeeds in escaping. Mayor Pinnacle sentences Jack to death for Blatz's murder and Sickle throws the switch. Like promised, the battery acid knocks out the power and Jack escapes from the electric chair. When Preacherman turns the lights back on, Jack is gone and Sickle is in his place, dead from the electrocution.

Jack quickly makes his way to the showers, avoiding the guards. In the showers, Jack jumps down a drain and makes his way through the tunnels, quickly killing an armed prisoner and getting a gun. Jack shoots his way through the drains and sewers to old mining tunnels. Jack works his way through the old mining tunnels, killing prisoners attempting to escape and finally reaching the exit which he has to lock pick.

As Jack is about to leave, Tattoo arrives but is caught by the guards and beaten down while Jack escapes through a hatch in the ground. Outside, Jack is nearly run down by a car, but Shadow appears and saves him. The car crashes into a tree, knocking out the driver and Jack takes the car, his cell phone and wallet which identifies him as Marvin Silt. Jack decides to flee rather than find out why Silt wanted him dead and heads to Augie Blatz's apartment to hide out. There he changes his clothes and decides to head to Chinatown to find guns and information so he can solve his father's murder and find the person who set him up.

Chapter 4Edit

Needing guns and information, Jack heads to Chinatown to speak to Fat Chow who can give him both. However, Fat Chow instead sends his goons after Jack and runs off. Battling through the streets, Jack chases Fat Chow to a gambling den. After Jack clears the den, he confronts Fat Chow who tells him that he can find Marvin Silt, the man who tried to run him down outside the prison, at the Black Orchid. Jack takes some of Fat Chow's guns and leaves but has to battle more of Fat Chow's goons in the alley behind the gambling den. After killing all the goons, Jack picks the lock on a fence and escapes just before the cops can catch him. Jack then catches a taxi to the Black Orchid to confront Silt.

At the Black Orchid, Jack is forced to turn in his guns and is sent to wait in a room but decides not to. The hostess, Lotus, sends men after him and Jack fights them as he locates the room Silt is in. Jack decides to get his guns back before confronting Silt and fights the bouncer, Horse, for them. Jack defeats Horse and retrieves his guns.

Jack confronts Silt for answers over who hired Silt to run him down outside the prison. Frightened, Silt explains that he was hired to pick up Tattoo and kill anyone else who came out. Silt starts to explain that a man named Gofer hired him, but before he can say who hired Gofer, Eve Adams shoots him dead. Eve explains she wants revenge against Mayhem Inc., an assassins guild that Silt worked for as they killed her brother. She is killing all of them hoping to get her brother's killer by process of elimination. Jack asks her about Patch and Eve identifies him as a Mayhem boss and top assassin, someone that is very expensive and very hard to find. However, before they can discuss things further, they come under attack and decide to continue the conversation later.

After killing the goons in the hallway, Jack and Eve have to face Lotus, her two assassins and massage parlor girls. After Lotus and the assassins are killed, Jack and Eve make their way outside where they find that a revenge seeking Fat Chow and his goons are waiting for them. Jack and Eve battle down the street to the Den of Iniquity where they face Fat Chow. Jack kills Fat Chow, ending the battle.

With the fight over, Jack and Eve take a moment to talk. Eve admits she had fun working with Jack and gives him her card so they can work together again. Jack thinks she wants a date, but all she wants is a partnership with him against Mayhem Inc. when necessary. Eve leaves and Jack decides to go the cemetery to pay his respects to his father's grave.

Chapter 5Edit

Jack and Shadow visit his parents graves where Jack solemnly reflects on how the city is destroying everything he loves. Hildy arrives to pay her respects as well and Jack asks her what his father was working on before he died. Hildy explains that he was looking for information mayoral candidate Gloria Exner could use against Mayor Pinnacle. Gloria believed that Pinnacle was misappropriating funds and wanted Frank to find out if it was true. Hildy doesn't know anything beyond that. At that moment, men in clown masks attack. Jack sends Hildy to safety while he stays behind to fight the goons. After they throw a grenade at him, Jack gets cut-off from the main entrance to the cemetery.

Jack battles his way through the cemetery, battling goons in clown masks and hiding from their helicopter which occasionally drops more on him and fires at him as it does. The cemetery is big and the goons are spread-out, well-armed and in generally good positions. Despite this, after a long fight, Jack manages to make his way back to the entrance where a van with a machine gun mounted in the back arrives. Jack fights off more goons as he attempts to destroy the gun. Finally, Jack destroys the van and gun and escapes the cemetery with Hennessey trying and failing to stop him.

Believing Mayhem Inc. was behind the ambush, Jack calls Eve to ask why she didn't warn him of the attack. Eve is sure Mayhem Inc. is not behind it as they are preparing for the debate the next day. While Jack is confused about who attacked him if it wasn't Mayhem Inc., he asks Eve about the debate. Eve reveals that someone posted an open hit on Gloria Exner and that much of Mayhem Inc. will be trying to collect it at the debate. As Gloria Exner knows more about what his father was researching when he was murdered, Jack needs her alive and plans to work with Eve to protect Gloria at the debate despite the fact that they will face stiff resistance from Mayhem Inc.

Chapter 6Edit

Arriving at the stadium where the debate is to be held, Jack, armed with an M60 machine gun, hijacks a news helicopter to cover Eve from the sky. As the two see each other, Mayhem goons spot Eve as well and Jack must defend her. After all the assassins are dead, Eve confronts a guy who tells her he was ordered to plant bombs in all the bathrooms before she kills him. Following Jack's instructions, Eve disarms the bomb. Fighting through more bad guys with Jack's help, Eve disarms three more bombs before going to meet Jack on the roof. However, Patch appears and stabs Eve in the back, killing her to Jack's horror.

Wanting revenge for Eve's murder and answers from Patch about why he set him up and who killed his father, Jack chases after him. After facing several goons shooting at him from the stadium's balconies, Jack faces dozens of assassins in the parking lot. Jack manages to kill them all without dying, but Patch flees in a limo and Jack orders the helicopter pilot to follow. Jack works on taking down Patch's limo and his two escort cars, all of which have armed men protecting them with Patch being armed with a rocket launcher himself. Jack eventually manages to shoot down the two escorts and focuses his efforts on Patch's limo. After shooting down multiple rockets, Jack disables the limo.

Patch's limo crashes and flips over, killing him. Jack is upset as Patch was one of his only leads and he wanted to capture him for a brutal interrogation on who killed his father and hired Patch to set him up, not kill him. With Patch dead, Gloria Exner is his only lead as she is the only one who knows what his father was doing for her when he was murdered. Jack figures that while Gloria may never know he saved her life that night, she might want to talk to the son of her dead private investigator. Jack leaves to find Gloria, but not before taking Patch's pager.

Chapter 7Edit

Jack arrives at the hotel where Gloria Exner is staying and overhears Hennessey and his men preparing to supposedly look for bombs Mayhem Inc. may have planted in the building. However, Jack gets suspicious as the GAC cops are carrying heavy equipment in but not out so he decides to look for himself. Jack enters the building, quickly finding a map to it and comes into conflict with GAC. After killing several, Jack uses Shadow to find the first bomb and then disarms it. Jack does this for three more bombs and Hennessey is shown to be disappointed that they didn't go off and sends in more GAC squad members to take care of the problem. The cops set off demolition charges, apparently determined to destroy the building and Jack begins a search for Gloria.

Jack fights his way through two burning floors, fighting the fires as he goes before he finally locates Gloria on the fifth floor. Gloria is surprised to see him but follows his instructions to lead him out as he covers her. Jack and Gloria make their way to the roof where he has to fight Antorcha, a GAC unit with a flamethrower and heavy armor. Jack kills Antorcha and he and Gloria slide down the drainpipe on the side of the building.

On the ground, Jack asks a frightened Gloria about what his father was doing for her. Gloria explains she heard a rumor that there were budgetary issues with the subway construction and thought Frank could find out for sure for her. She doesn't know what he found out as he died before he could meet with her to tell her. Gloria is frightened and asks to stay with Jack, but instead he sends her to Frank's old cabin at Cold Rock Creek. Getting a message on Patch's pager, he asks Gloria for a ride to the pier.

Chapter 8Edit

At the pier, Jack meets the man who sent the page: Gofer, the guy who hired Marvin Silt to drive getaway for Tattoo's prison break. He apparently has connections to Patch and thus likely knows who hired Patch to set Jack up. However, Gofer is upset to find out that Patch is dead and Jack has to chase him through the warehouses and docks. He has to face clowns and assassins and even a helicopter before finally finding Gofer, dead, from an attack by a big brute named Longshoreman X. Jack fights a brutal battle against Longshoreman X who is armed with a crossbow, killing him in the end, but is seriously wounded in the process.

Needing help, Jack stumbles to the Oar House where Hildy works. Hildy is shocked to see him in such a state and offers to call an ambulance, but Jack refuses and passes out. Hildy is able to patch Jack up, but Rafshoon Diggs and two Pinnacle Security guards arrive demanding to know if Hildy heard anything. Hildy claims innocence, but Diggs doesn't believe her as there are a lot of dead guys on the docks. Diggs tells Hildy that Fahook Ubduhl wants to see her for a "chat," but Hildy refuses as she knows Fahook's reputation for having bad things happen during "chats." As Diggs goes to force Hildy, Jack reveals himself and holds Diggs at gunpoint. However, Diggs takes Jack by surprise and knocks him out. Jack wakes up tied over a giant tank of water with Fahook there. Fahook is Grant City's biggest crime boss, said to be involved in every type of crime that exists. Jack is confused as to why Pinnacle Security is working with Fahook as its the mayor's private army. Fahook brushes off Jack's questions about Hildy and doesn't believe Jack when he tells him he still doesn't know what all that he's investigating is about. Jack points out he wouldn't be there if he knew, but Fahook brushes it off as a man seeking vengeance not thinking clearly and leaves Jack to be tortured. Meeshaka and Shadraka proceed to torture Jack by repeatedly dunking him into the tank for several seconds, forcing him to hold his breath. Finally, after three times, they get called away and Jack is rescued by Shadow.

Following his escape from Fahook's custody, Jack has to fight his way out of the docks with only Shadow for backup. At first all he has are his fists and feet, but eventually he manages to get his hands on some guns. Jack continues fighting through the docks to the exit, with Fahook's men joined by more clowns like the ones in the cemetery. Finally, Jack reaches the exit to the docks to find Fahook's men driving off with Hildy. After dispatching more goons, Jack escapes the docks.

As Jack is leaving the docks, a truck speeds right at him. Shadow gives a warning bark and Jack shoots the driver, causing the truck to crash. The truck spills a load of gold and Jack realizes that this whole thing is about gold. While he's not sure where Fahook got all that gold, Jack hops on the back of a second truck loaded with gold, hoping that by following it he can finally get some answers.

Chapter 9Edit

Jack finds himself in what appears from the outside to be a derelict factory but is in fact a well working one. Jack fights his way through the factory, finding rooms smelting gold. After seeing this, Jack understands where the gold is coming from: about 100 years before, Grant City was called Glitter City and was a gold mining city until the gold was said to run out and it was then renamed. However, the gold did not in fact run out and is now being mined. The gold just couldn't be reached so the truth about it still being there was hidden and turned into legend but Mayor Pinnacle figured out a way to get to it. As Jack continues through the plant, he encounters several convicts and he realizes that Pinnacle is using the convicts to mine his gold. Among the convicts he encounters is Tattoo, his old enemy from prison who Jack kills. Jack then makes his way into and through the mining tunnels, killing both inmates and Pinnacle Security guards before finally exiting in the subway.

Chapter 10Edit

Emerging in the subway construction site his father was murdered in, Jack finally understands what's going on and what his father discovered: as mayor of Grant City, Mayor Pinnacle drew up a fake subway plan but in reality was using the diggers to reach the gold worth billions of dollars. He did this without the knowledge of the city's citizens while making them pay for the endeavor. Frank Slate figured this out and was murdered to protect the secret. Jack knew that City Hall was corrupt, but he didn't know that corruption went as far as murder and he intends to make Mayor Pinnacle pay.

Jack begins to fight his way through the construction yard, armed with nothing but his fists and feet at first. After fighting a few enemies unarmed, Jack manages to get some guns and begins working his way out, facing stiff resistance along the way. Eventually reaching the exit, Jack ends up having to fight an attack helicopter which keeps dropping more goons into the area. Using a rocket launcher that he finds on a ledge near the exit, Jack destroys the helicopter and escapes to continue his quest for vengeance.

Chapter 11Edit

Believing that Mayor Pinnacle murdered his father due to Frank's finding out about his gold mining scheme, Jack tracks Pinnacle to the Iron Point Penitentiary the same prison he'd recently escaped from. Following Jack's legendary escape and the riots that followed, the prison was shut down and is facing federal investigation. Though the inmates were transferred to other prisons, Pinnacle still has them working his mines. Jack is confused as to why Pinnacle is visiting it now and states he plans to find out before he gets his revenge.

Jack battles his way through the nearly-abandoned prison, battling guards and other goons as he attempts to find Pinnacle. Jack eventually makes his way to the gas chamber after overhearing guards discussing that's where Pinnacle is and ends up confronting Rafshoon Diggs. Diggs explains that Pinnacle is covering up his use of the prison for labor by sealing all the tunnels Jack used to escape and challenges Jack to a fight after Jack accuses him of being a cheater. During the fight, Diggs proves this claim is true when he turns on the gas and dons a gas mask to make it easier for himself when he starts losing. Jack takes the gas mask and beats Diggs down. Finally, the lack of air and the beating prove too much for Diggs and he suffocates in the gas.

After killing Diggs, Jack makes his way to the prison lobby where he finally confronts Pinnacle. Pinnacle claims innocence in the murder, admitting that he is corrupt, but has nothing to do with crimes like murder. Pinnacle tells Jack his side of the story: as Jack has figured out, Pinnacle was running a gold mining and smuggling operation with Fahook Ubduhl. Frank found out about it when he investigated Pinnacle's construction company for Gloria Exner and was murdered to cover it up. However, Pinnacle didn't do it and neither did Fahook, a third party involved in the matter did: Dick Hennessey, Jack's former boss. Pinnacle tells Jack that Hennessey is corrupt and has files that he uses to blackmail everyone in the city. Hennessey had found out about Pinnacle's gold mining scheme and was blackmailing him for some of the gold. If Frank exposed it, Hennessey would lose that money so he killed him. While he could keep the other cops from investigating the murder properly, he couldn't Jack, especially after he was the first on the scene so he set him up for Augie Blatz's murder. Jack realizes Pinnacle is telling the truth as the story makes too much sense. Pinnacle suggests an alliance between him and Jack: Jack gets Hennessey's incriminating files and kills Hennessey and Pinnacle will get him pardoned. Jack reluctantly agrees.

Chapter 12Edit

Pinnacle calls Hennessey to tell him that Jack is chasing him around the prison so Hennessey will take most of his men there while Jack raids the police station for Hennessey's incriminating files. Jack is discovered and must prevent the GAC cops from calling Hennessey to let him know he's in the police station. Jack kills the cop manning the radio before he can get the right frequency, but has to face more cops, some of whom try to use the radios in the squad cars to call Hennessey. Jack kills them all and disables the radio before heading into the basement to find the files. Jack fights through squads of corrupt cops, finally reaching the evidence room where Hennessey stores his files as police evidence.

In the evidence room, Jack discovers clown masks and realizes the "clowns" that attacked him in the cemetery and on the docks were really GAC cops in disguise. Jack finds Hennessey's files which include ones on him, his father, Augie Blatz, Mayor Pinnacle, Fahook Ubduhl and Jack's friend Preacherman Jones. While Jack is supposed to turn the files over to Pinnacle in exchange for a pardon, he doesn't feel right with letting Pinnacle get away with his crimes and calls Gloria Exner instead to give them to her. Jack fights his way out of the police station once he has the files.

Jack meets Gloria Exner at his father's grave and hands over the files for her to use to beat Pinnacle in the next mayoral election and to expose him as the criminal he is. As Jack suggests she give the files to the media rather than the police as they are corrupt, Gloria pulls a gun on him and reveals that she has been threatened by Pinnacle. She is dropping out of the election and turning the files over to him in exchange for her own safety as she is too scared by all the attempts on her life to continue on. Before anything more can happen, Hildy shoots Gloria dead from behind. While Jack is happy to see Hildy as he thought something bad happened to her since Fahook kidnapped her, Hildy reveals she is now working for Fahook in exchange for money. While Jack has feelings for her and wants to make a life together, Hildy is uninterested, telling him that her previous helping of him was because she felt sorry for him after his dad was killed. Hildy takes off in her car to meet Fahook and Jack chases her in a hearse, needing to get the files back and knowing Hildy is in way over her head and doesn't deserve what's coming to her regardless of what she's become. Jack follows Hildy to Warden Air Force Base, an abandoned Air Force base that is Fahook's hideout and where he is waiting for Hildy and the files before he leaves the country. Jack slips through the gate right after Hildy drives through.

Chapter 13Edit

Jack, having snuck through the gate of Warden Air Force Base, overhears two guards talking about Hildy who he is determined to find before she can get in anymore trouble. After killing the guards, Jack finds that he has to have someone enter a voice code in order to open the gate out of the area, but in finding this out, draws the attention of a helicopter. Despite heavy fire, Jack manages to use one of the goons to unlock the gate and makes his way through. Jack fights his way down the cliff path, dodging more attacks from the helicopter until he eventually manages to enter the hanger using a cargo elevator. Once inside, Jack fights through heavy resistance towards the hanger roof.

Eventually Jack reaches the roof where he witnesses Hildy meeting with Fahook. Fahook is interested in Hennessey's files with everyone's dirty secrets and plans to pay Hildy with a few bars of gold. However, Hildy is annoyed as she can't pay rent with gold. Its revealed to be a trick as Pinnacle enters the room and shoots Hildy in the back, killing her and causing her body to crash through the window in front of Jack. As Pinnacle makes sure that Fahook will see to it that Hildy is tied to the murder of Gloria Exner, an enraged Jack pulls Pinnacle through the window. Fahook runs off with the files as Jack confronts Pinnacle, both of whom want to get rid of the other. Jack and Pinnacle get into a brutal fist fight in which the only way for Jack to win is to wind Pinnacle and then strangle him while he's recovering. After several times of this, Jack finally overpowers Pinnacle who tells him he won't be getting his pardon now. Jack tells Pinnacle to call it even and then snaps his neck, killing him. Jack has revenge for Hildy's murder but is upset by it and now must go after Fahook.

Jack gets guns and explosives from a chest in Fahook's office and heads into the hanger to plant the explosives. Jack manages to plant five explosives in key locations to blow the hanger up, fighting through Fahook's goons all the way. After the explosives are planted, Meeshaka and Shadraka enter the hanger armed with pistols and a grenade launcher respectively. Despite the fact that the hanger will blow up soon, they fight Jack. Jack kills the twins and escapes the hanger with seconds to spare.

Outside, Jack spots a mechanic working on a motorcycle and beams him over the head with a wrench. Jack takes the motorcycle and races away as the hanger explodes behind him. Fahook's plane is taking off and Jack follows it on the motorcycle, trying to catch up before it can take off. As he starts to catch up, another motorcycle comes after him and the back of the plane opens so three guys can shoot at him. Jack races his motorcycle off the end of the runway and then shoots the pursuing motorcycle, causing it to blow up. The explosion propels him at the rear of the plane where he shoots the goons on the ramp before safely landing and making his way inside the plane.

Chapter 14Edit

Jack fights his way through Fahook's plane, making his way to the top deck. There he reaches the observation deck where he fights and defeats three dancers. When he comes down the stairs, he finally finds Fahook and fighting more of his goons, chases him through the plane. Fahook shoots the pilot so the plane will crash and then makes his way to the lower deck to parachute out. Jack gets in a gun battle with him, wounding him, but he is able to use the bottle he drinks from to heal himself and opens the bay door to parachute out. Jack continues to fight Fahook who shoots at him with an MP5-A5 and breathes fire at him after drinking from the bottle. He also uses the bottle to repeatedly heal his injuries. Eventually, Jack manages to destroy Fahook's bottle and send him tumbling out of the plane to his death while Jack gets Hennessey's files back.

With Fahook dead, Jack asks the mortally wounded pilot if he can land the plane. While he normally could, Fahook locked the auto-pilot and that needs to be disabled before the pilot can regain control of the plane. Following the pilot's instructions, Jack seeks out the two switches he needs to disable to allow the pilot to regain control of the plane. With little time before the plane crashes, Jack finds the two switches but must disarm two bombs Fahook left to booby-trap the auto-pilot in order to shut it down. Things are made harder by the fact that the lights periodically go out as Jack disarms the second bomb, but he succeeds.

With the auto-pilot disabled, the pilot regains control of the plane but warns Jack to hang onto something as the plane is going down heavy. Jack uses the plane's phone to call Kip Waterman and tell him that a plane full of very interesting cargo is crashing and its the story of the century. The plane crash-lands on the runway at Warden Air Force Base. As two firetrucks head for the burning plane, Jack drives away with Kip in a news van. On the condition that Kip report him dead in the crash, Jack gives him Hennessey's files and the story. Kip is shocked by what he reads in the files and promises to get them on the 10 o'clock news. Jack then asks Kip to drop him off at the Bay Bell apartment building as he still has one thing left to do.

Chapter 15Edit

Jack returns to the Bay Bell musing on the events that have taken place. A lot of people are dead including Eve, Hildy, Frank Slate, Augie Blatz, Mayor Pinnacle, Gloria Exner and Fahook Ubduhl but Jack doesn't feel he's done yet as there's still one man left he wants to kill: Hennessey. Jack makes his way into an atrium where he comes under attack by GAC forces and an attack helicopter. Jack has to get several rocket launchers while dodging attacks by GAC until the helicopter is weakened enough for him to finish it off with regular fire, causing it to crash and destroy part of the atrium.

After the helicopter is destroyed, Hennessey confronts Jack personally, armed with a taser and a riot shield. Hennessey is pleased, saying even he wouldn't have killed the mayor and that he believes that with Blatz and Fahook dead, he can rule the city unopposed. Hennessey also believes that the gold is now his and will buy him a lot of power, but Jack tells him that all it will buy him is one hell of a funeral. Hennessey demands to know where his files are and Jack tells him he gave it to a friend. Hennessey demands to know who, but Jack refuses to tell. At that moment, Kip Waterman comes on the news on a nearby TV reporting on the story. Kip reports that evidence has come to light implicating key officals in City Hall and the police department of capital racketeering and organized criminal intent. Hennessey is furious, especially when Kip mentions that central among the people implicated by Jack's actions is Hennessey himself. Hennessey attacks Jack, charging him with his electrified riot shield and shooting him with the taser. Jack manages to get Hennessey to repeatedly run into the fountain in the atrium by standing in front of it and getting Hennessey to charge him. After several times, the riot shield is destroyed and Hennessey runs off into the boiler room. Jack dispatches a few GAC units on the way and outside the room, picks up a gun to confront Hennessey with.

In the boiler room Hennessey tackles Jack, causing him to lose his gun. Hennessey taunts Jack about his father's death and lights his fists on fire. Jack and Hennessey engage in a brutal fist fight in which Hennessey has the upper hand as he's incredibly strong and has flaming fists. However, Jack eventually starts to gain the upper hand so Hennessey opens the door to the boiler to make things harder for him. Jack manages to knock Hennessey into the flames a couple of times and he is apparently killed. However, Hennessey survives and on fire, attacks Jack. Jack beats him to the ground and Hennessey finally dies from his injuries, proclaiming he will see Jack in Hell.


Jack has gotten his revenge and the truth is out there. The FBI will now investigate and Jack plans to leave before they arrive as he figures that with everyone involved dead, they will look for scapegoats and he doesn't want to be one. With Hennessey, Blatz and Fahook, the city's three major crime lords, all dead, there will be a new struggle for power among the underworld but Jack is done trying to clear the city of crime. He's leaving to find a new life elsewhere and looks forward to it. He hopes that taking the bad guys down will have good karmic benefit down the road and declares that while Grant City is a place where you can easily die, he's very much alive.

A short time later, as Kip Waterman reports that Jack's remains have been identified among those from the plane crash, Preacherman Jones receives a package from Jack with a gold bar, a note from Jack saying "faith padre, faith" and evidence from Hennessey's files that can clear Preacherman's name thus keeping his promise to come back for him. An excited Preacherman quickly calls for the guards to turn the evidence over.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Jack Slate: Main protagonist. Good cop turned fugitive.
  • Shadow: Jack's K9 partner.
  • Hildy Razwell: Jack's love interest and Frank's former assistant turned villain. Murdered by Pinnacle.
  • Frank Slate: Jack's father, who died at the beginning of the game and set events in motion. Murdered by Hennessey.
  • Dick Hennessy: Head of GAC, main antagonist. Killed by Jack.
  • Gloria Exner: Mayoral candidate and Slate ally. Murdered by Hildy.
  • Eve Adams: Hitgirl who works with Jack to get revenge on Mayhem Inc. Murdered by Patch.
  • Augie Blatz: A head crime lord, killed by Patch to frame Jack.
  • Rafshoon Diggs: Ex- heavyweight boxer turned mercenary. Works for Pinnacle and Fahook. Killed by Jack.
  • Fahook Ubduhl: Head crime lord from the Middle East. Killed by Jack.
  • Preacherman Jones: An innocent man wrongfully accused. Ally of Jack in prison.
  • Mayor Pinnacle: Grant City's corrupt mayor. Mostly an enemy of Jack and brief ally. Killed by Jack.
  • Kip Waterman: A news reporter who appears several times during the game reporting on various things.
  • Patch: A Mayhem Inc boss who frames Jack for killing Blatz. Boss of Chapter 6. Accidentally killed by Jack when his limo crashes.
  • Marvin Silt: Mayhem Inc. assassin who is hired to drive getaway for Tattoo after the prison break. Killed by Eve.
  • Gofer: Mayhem Inc. assassin who brokers jobs for both Marvin Silt and Patch. Killed by Longshoreman X.



  • .45 Automatic
  • .50 Automatic
  • M629 .44 Magnum Revolver
  • M11 Silenced Submachine Gun
  • M92 Silenced


  • Mark 3-A2 Auto
  • SPAS-12
  • M210 Double-Barrel


  • AKM Assault Rifle
  • M4 Carbine Assault Rifle
  • L96A1 Sniper Rifle
  • PSG 1 Sniper Rifle
  • MP5-A5 Submachine Gun
  • M60 Machine Gun

Special WeaponsEdit

  • M79 Grenade Launcher
  • M202A1 Rocket Launcher
  • Namco Guncon


  • Worker: Everyday construction workers gone bad.
  • Foreman: Higher ranked construction workers.
  • Event Staff: Bouncers who work for Augie Blatz.
  • Supervisor: Higher ranking bouncers, later seen as higher ranking constructon workers.
  • Hitman: Assassins hired to kill.
  • Enforcer: Keeps mob members obedient to their bosses.
  • Thug: Local everyday thug.
  • Lieutenant: Higher ranked enforcers.
  • Convict: Regular prison inmates.
  • Lifer: Inmates given a life-sentence.
  • Prison Guard: They're like cops, but they operate in prison facilities.
  • Massuse: Only female enemies in the game. Employees of Black Orchid.
  • Clown: Disguised GAC cops wearing clown masks & raincoats.
  • Joker: Disguised GAC cops wearing joker masks and raincoats.
  • Chopper: Helicopers with machine guns, and drops down enemy reinforcements.
  • Sedan A & B: Two cars operated by hitmen from Mayhem Inc.
  • GAC Unit: Grant City Police Department's corrupt Anti-Crime Unit led by Hennessey.
  • Mercenary: Thugs in green raincoats.
  • Assassin: Thugs in yellow raincoats, later seen as a trio of females on Fahook's plane.
  • Security: Corrupted security guards who watch over important facilities.
  • Security Leader: Higher ranked security guards wearing bulletproof vests.


  • Boris: A thug who works for Blatz.
  • Dimitri: Boris' brother armed with a shotgun.
  • Mad Dog: An inmate at Iron Point.
  • Mac: An inmate at Iron Point.
  • Sickle: Corrupt and sadistic prison guard who wants Jack dead.
  • Tattoo: A tattooed cop-hating inmate.
  • Horse: Black Orchid's security guard.
  • Lotus: Head employee of Black Orchid. Accompanied by two assassins.
  • Fat Chow: Triad wannabe armed with a rocket launcher.
  • Gattling Gun: An armored van armed with a deadly gattling gun operated by a Clown.
  • Patch: A Mayhem Inc boss onboard a limo.
  • Antorcha: A higher ranked GAC officer armed with a flamethrower.
  • Longshoreman X: A huge brute armed with a crossbow.
  • Tattoo:  Tattoo returns with a M60 machine gun.
  • Rafshoon Diggs: Ex-heavyweight boxing champ from the UK who works for the mayor.
  • Mayor Pinnacle: The corrupted mayor of Grant City.
  • Meeshaka & Shadraka: Fahook's top assassins. Meeshaka uses dual hanguns & Shadraka uses a grenade launcher.
  • Fahook Ubduhl: Head crime lord of Grant City's underworld, originally from the Middle East.
  • GAC Transport: A heavily armored helicopter used by GAC.
  • Dick Hennessey: Corrupted police lieutenant, and leads GAC.
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