Den of Iniquity
Gender N/A
Race N/A
Faction Bad
Status Active
Location Grant City
Voiced by

The Den of Iniquity is a nightclub in Grant City.


After the Flaming Mambo Lounge "got struck by Italian lightning", the Den of Iniquity became a hotspot for criminals and was frequented by major crime boss Augie Blatz who had a regular room and played high-stakes poker a lot. Hildy Razwell also got a job here as a stripper when Frank Slate couldn't cover payroll anymore and she needed the money.

Following Frank's murder, his son Jack becomes determined to find his father's killer and is reminded by his boss Dick Hennessey that Augie Blatz was his father's only enemy. As a result, Jack travels to the Den of Iniquity to chase down Blatz, getting in with the help of a distraction from Hildy. After clearing the dance floor using a fire alarm, Jack fights off several thugs including Boris and Dimitri. Finally, Jack is able to board an elevator to the upper floor where he kills several guards and makes his way to Blatz's parlor. There, Jack confronts Blatz about Frank's murder and though Blatz has no sympathy for it, he rightly claims innocence and runs away, leaving his men to deal with Jack. Jack chases Blatz through the Den of Iniquity, killing several more men as he goes. Finally, Jack chases Blatz out into the street and eventually to the Bay Bell apartment building.

Seven months after Jack was framed for the murder of Augie Blatz, he returns to the Den of Iniquity while escaping with Eve Adams from the Black Orchid. As the two make their way down the street, they are confronted by Fat Chow in front of the Den of Iniquity. Jack kills Fat Chow and he and Eve hold a conversation in front of the Den of Iniquity's doors before going their separate ways.