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The GAC .338 Sniper Rifle is a marksman semi-automatic rifle, made by the Grant City Anti-Crime Unit, and is often commonly used by GAC Deadeye, which are snipers for the unit. The damage, range, and accuracy is same as the Viper V3 Sniper Rifle. But the firing rate is even better, and so is the capacity.

Found from:

  • GAC Units - Deadeye

Primary Weapon Statistics:

  • Damage: 5/5 (Overpowered)
  • Range: 5/5 (The same as the Viper V3)
  • Fire Rate: 2/5 (Even better than the Viper V3, due to it's marksman nature)
  • Capacity: 2/5 (Has total of four bullets in its clip)
  • Accuracy: 5/5 (Surgical precision, and even better than the Viper V3)