Marvin Silt
Gender Male
Race White
Faction Bad
Status Deceased
Location Grant City
Voiced by

Marvin Silt is a Mayhem Inc. assassin in Dead to Rights.


As part of his plan to break out of prison, Tattoo contacts Gofer for a getaway driver. In response, Gofer hires Marvin who he brokers jobs for. Marvin waits outside of the Iron Point Penitentiary for Tattoo to emerge only to have Jack Slate appear instead. Following Gofer's instructions to kill anyone who isn't Tattoo, Marvin attempts to run Jack over only to have Shadow save Jack's life. Losing control of his car, Marvin crashes into a tree and is knocked out. Jack removes Marvin from his car and steals his car, his phone and his wallet, learning of Marvin's identity from the latter. While curious as to why Marvin tried to kill him, Jack flees in Marvin's car rather than interrogate him on his actions as the prison guards are closing in on him.

In his quest to find answers on his father's murder, Jack questions Fat Chow on where he can find Marvin in order to find out who hired Marvin to kill him. Fat Chow points Jack to the Black Orchid massage parlor where Marvin is known to hang out a lot. Jack eventually confronts Marvin at gunpoint and demands answers from him. Frightened, Marvin tells Jack that he was just hired to drive getaway for Tattoo and to kill anyone else who appeared. Marvin tells Jack that Gofer hired him but before he can tell Jack who hired Gofer, Marvin is shot dead by Eve Adams. Eve explains to an upset Jack who wasn't done with Marvin yet that she is tracking down and killing all of the Mayhem Inc. assassins to avenge her brother and as Marvin was one, she killed him as part of her revenge. While Jack was unable to get much from Marvin, Eve is able to identify Patch for him. When Jack later gets a page from Gofer on Patch's stolen pager, he recognizes Gofer as the one who hired Marvin as a getaway driver.


  • Marvin Silt is one of only two named Mayhem Inc. assassins, the other being Patch.
  • Jack describes Marvin as "your typical low-rent thug."